The Light and Love concert has come and gone

Patrons attending the LOVE AND LIGHT Fringe Concert at the Kariwak Hotel in April could not have anticipated the Magical Experience created by the five local artistes who completely captivated the audience with their unique and personal styles. With over 30 persons in attendance, the event went well over two hours long. The performances were described by concert-goers as diverse and professional.




Elspeth Duncan, the proud co-ordinator of the event, remarked that she was pleased the aim of the concert - to provide affordable alternative entertainment pre-Jazz weekend - was achieved. In addition to providing both the audience and performers with a new opportunity to connect, partial proceeds of the concert were donated to the TTSPCA. Duncan noted that the patrons seemed extremely satisfied, and indicated that there will be more concerts. She was however, uncertain whether this specific concert would become annual event. “It may be something worth considering,” she said.