Caribbean Reflections: A Yoga Retreat & Workshop November 9-16, 2013 with Ann-Marie Ahye

A week of practice and learning is an intimate affair.  An attitude of openness and attentiveness allows us to really partake of the nourishment we receive through the practice of Mindful Yoga, Pranayama, Meditation, Readings & Dialogue.
The Pathwork Teachings lead us on an inner journey, revealing that facing and feeling one's feelings is the only way through to their dissolution.  The teachings signal the need to step out of the habit of surging our actions with tension and anxiety and to avoid falling into a state of relaxation that is rife with passivity and stagnation.  Instead, we are prompted to access an easeful quality of activity and to access mobility wihtin relaxation.  Further, we are encouraged to shift from a dualistic view, wherein obsessing after something, would necessitate a fear of it's opposite.  Instead, relaxing into a unified state of openness, allows a welcoming of and an accord with reality as it is; accepting what shows up without the interference of any ego-preference.
There is the reminder that actualizing such real changes, cannot be accessed through mere intellectual understanding and that inner work and practice are key.  As we engage in practice there are significant moments of realization and awakening.
Testimonial from 12th Annual Tobago Retreat March 2-9, 2013
"Thanks once again for a wonderful retreat.  The work we did throughout the week helped to enliven my awareness of a significant level of synchrony, synthesis and serendipity in my life.  These factors are always present in one's life but when we are not "conscious" we often miss the signals, thus denying ourselves a certain level of "ease" that is our birthright.
Much appreaciation once more abd lots of love to you...."  Hetty, Trinidad