12th Annual Yoga Retreat with Ann-Marie Ahye March 2-9, 2013

Awakening Feeling Presence - Mindful Yoga & Meditation
12th Tobago Retreat March 2-9, 2013
Leaving behind all that is deemed to be of importance in our worldly lives and diving into the depths of an unseen reality, requires courage and humility.  As we place our commitment to awaken at the forefront of our intent, we see firsthand the 'muddy waters' of our unsettled minds and disparate selves.
Reaquainting ourselves with unhurried time and settling into a rhythm of conscious practice allows a blanaced resonance to return to our physical and spirit selves.  In tandem, we experience nature's luch and unwavering support, the easeful friendship between us and the strength of our own inner light.  It is a privilege to journey on Retreat, nourished by these timeless tools of awareness.
The Practice Includes:
Mindful Yoga, Pranayama, Meditation, Chant, Guided Relaxation, and Dialogue
The Retreat includes:

  • 2 Workshops daily, 2 hours each at 7 am and 5 pm (begins Sat. 5 pm)
  • 7 nights at Kariwak Village Holistic Haven & Hotel
  • Wholesome food that is Kariwak's signature - Breakfast (7), Dinner (5)

For Further information contact Ann-Marie at amahye@yahoo.ca or by clicking here.