Allan Clovis

Allan Clovis returned home to Trinidad and Tobago in 1977 with his then wife, Cynthia and a clear vision for a special kind of place inspired by the warmth and natural beauty of the island itself and by the esthetic and spirit of it’s indigenous peoples. His passion for precision and symmetry is evident in every aspect of our design from the distinctive octagonal shape of the poolside rooms, dining huts and main Ajoupa to the meandering curves of the pools and gardens.
He also became quite active in the wider community as an advocate for the sustainable development of Tobago’s fledgeling tourism industry throughout the eighties and early nineties long before ecotourism had become the buzzword that it is today. His broad commitment to supporting balance and harmony throughout the physical environment helps to create that special Kariwak ‘feel’, the subtle energy that continues to make this space so special.